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A minority owned small business located in San Pedro, California, Caal Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a team of electricians and professionals working together in unison with home and building owners, interior designers, developers and architects interested in improving their project's energy efficiency.  We are electricians, lighting control consultants and certified CALCTP Acceptance Test Technicians that possess a broad knowledge of LED lighting, lighting controls and Title 24 Residential and Non Residential codes to help you conserve resources, reduce your environmental carbon footprint and achieve healthier living and working environments.

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Residential, Commercial & Light Industrial

With 20 years of residential, commercial and industrial electrical experience, we are up to date with all California Title 24 energy codes and can assist you with design build, design assist projects. 

Certified Lighting Consultant

Our Certified Lighting Consultant  (CLC) is current and knowledgeable of new lighting technology (lighting controls, automation, lighting design, daylighting design, energy monitoring, lighting retrofits, and zero net consulting) which get incorporated into all designs.

CALCTP Acceptance Test Technician

What is CALCTP?

Why Advanced Lighting Controls?

The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP) is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing the use of lighting controls incommercial buildings. CALCTP will educate, train and certify licensed C-10 electrical contractors and state-certified general electricians in the proper programming, testing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of advanced lighting control systems. Such systems typicallyinclude dimmers, occupancy sensors, photo-sensors, relay modules and communication-based control devices. Through proper installationpractices, advanced lighting controls have the potential to improve energy efficiency in commercial facilities across California and help achieve significant energy savings

Why Use a CALCTP Certified Installer Contractor?

A CALCTP certified installer contractor:

  • Is a state licensed C-10 electrical contractor.
  • Employs
  • superintendents and supervisors who have successfully completed either 
  • the CALCTP Technical Installation Course, Systems Course or 
  • AT-Technician Certification program.
  • Has CALCTP-certified 
  • general electricians on staff who have successfully completed the CALCTP
  • Technical Installer Course or the Acceptance Test Technician program.
  • Is proficient in advanced lighting controls.

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